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Fugitives caught: 3442

Children found: 474




Fighting Crimes in Tampa Bay and Central Florida is our focus


Fighting Crimes in Tampa Bay and Central Florida was a passion for Ken Donovan, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Crusader Newspaper for 15 years. In case you haven’t heard, Ken died in September of 2007. After his death, we’ve heard many stories about how Ken touched many people’s lives and how he made a difference in this world. This editorial is offered in loving memory and celebration of Ken. He is greatly missed.


“I’m only one person, what difference can I make?” This question is often asked, especially when someone faces a challenge or problem. I will be happy to answer the question: A single person can make a huge difference. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Ken Donovan.


Of course, The Crusader itself is a product of Ken’s own question many years ago. He was upset by the rise in violent crimes in the Tampa Bay area, and said to his wife,“Why doesn’t somebody do something about it?” She answered with a question of her own, “You’re somebody, why don’t you do something about it?” And here we see the result: 17 years of publishing The Crusader , with 3411 fugitives captured and 467 missing children found. Many lives have been touched.


Moreover, Ken challenged people. He wrote columns in this paper that made people laugh. Some of his columns made people cry. And many of his columns made people angry. Whatever the emotion evoked, all of his columns made people think. He encouraged people to step up, to take responsibility for their actions, their families, their neighborhoods, their communities, their world. He challenged them to look at things differently, to become part of the solution rather than part of the problem.


“All well and good,” you might say, “Fine for Ken to do, but I can’t do something like The Crusader .” Indeed we can’t all take on such a project. But Ken did other things that made a difference. Just ask the young woman he talked to who found the courage to leave an abusive relationship after their conversation. Or the man whose life Ken saved when he performed CPR after the man had a heart attack in a restaurant. Or the woman Ken stopped from getting beaten in a parking lot when he called police on the man assaulting her.


Still too difficult? Then look at some of the truly simple things he did. Telling a joke to someone who was down. Making someone feel good when he greeted them with, “How’s your smiling face today?” Letting someone know he was thinking about them when he brought back some coins from Ireland. Spending Thanksgiving at the Salvation Army helping serve meals to the homeless. Things that are easy enough for anyone to do.


We can all practice random acts of kindness. Offer to help out an elderly neighbor by mowing their yard. Pay the toll for the next car in line. Put down five dollars for the person behind you in the grocery line. Learn CPR, just in case. Give a smile here, an encouraging word there, a listening ear to someone in need. Simple things that may mean the world to the recipient.


We may never know that those groceries we paid for meant the difference between someone eating or not, that an encouraging word came when someone was at their wits’ end. And we don’t need to know. It is in the doing, for the sake of doing, that the reward comes.


The world is a better place for Ken Donovan being in it. We are still learning about things he did, and some things we will never know as they are private between Ken and the individual for whom he did it.


But if each of us learns just one thing from his life lesson, it’s that even the smallest thing can make a difference in someone’s life. If we emulate his example, we will know the power of one multiplied to infinity. Please join us in helping to continue Ken's passion of making the area we call home better and safer by actively helping to fight crimes in Tampa Bay as well as other Central Florida any way you are able to.