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$6000 worth of rewards are available for helping to apprehend criminals this month.


Fugitives caught: 3442

Children found: 474

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In 1992 The Crusader newspaper was founded by Ken Donovan, a Tampa native, with the goals of aiding Tampa Bay’s Law Enforcement in the apprehension of criminals and the location of missing children. Since the very first issue, The Crusader newspaper has been distributed FREE of charge to the public. Our only means of support is through our online store, advertisers, or relationships with major retailing merchants. So, how can you help?

Check out and shop at our online Crusader Store. We feature items for Home & Personal Safety, Emergency Preparedness, as well as Surveillance & Security.

Please patronize our advertisers and merchants when you are in the market for what they have to offer.

Consider doing your regular internet shopping through our on-line links whenever you can. We have now established relationships with many major U.S. retailers including Brickhouse Security and LegalMatch just to name a few. To get a more complete listing of affiliated Merchants go to our ‘Merchants’ page. By beginning your shopping through our Merchants links on this website we make a commission on any items you purchase. In many cases items do not even need to be purchased for The Crusader to benefit. Simply your requesting information such as for insurance or legal matters earns us a fee.

For any on-line merchants that you patronize that we do not have a link for and you would like to have listed with us, please contact us with the name of the merchant. If the merchant is appropriate for our site we will then attempt to establish a relationship with that company and will send you the link once and if a relationship is established. At that point, your merchant will be added to our Merchants list for others to use as well.

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Spread the word about The Crusader Newspaper as well as how to support our efforts in making the Tampa Bay area a safer place to work, live, and raise our families.

Thank you for your continuing support.