the latest USA Crusader.

$6000 worth of rewards are available for helping to apprehend criminals this month.


Fugitives caught: 3442

Children found: 474

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All rates below are billed at a monthly rate.

Discounts apply to both Web and Newspaper Ads.


5% for 6-10 Issues

10% for 11-15 Issues

15% for 16-20 Issues

20% for 21 or more Issues


Ad Design:

Ad Design (Web and/or Print) and Typesetting is available.

Email us for more information.

Camera Ready ads on disc: PDF Resolution 150-200


Website Advertising:

Button (maximum size 125 x 125) linked to your website $25

Half size Banner (maximum size 160 x 300) linked to your website $50

Full size Banner (maximum size 160 x 600) linked to your website $75


File formats accepted: GIF, JPG or PNG-24


Newspaper Advertising:


Business Card $60

Sixteenth Page $95

Eighth Page $195

Sixth Page $260

Quarter Page $390

Third Page $520

Half Page $782

Full Page $1,562


Ad Rates Size Examples